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the 110th Session of the Canton Fair

China and the US are both adjusting economic growth models. The US is trying to reduce trade deficit, and China, while maintaining a steady growth of export, is placing more importance to expanding import, in the hope that import may play a greater role in addressing macro-economic balance and in restructuring.

In the beginning of this year, Chinese President Hu Jintao paid a successful visit to the US. The two Presidents reached a consensus on establishing a cooperative partnership of mutual respect and mutual benefit. They also decided to support the exchanges and cooperation at sub-national levels.

To follow the consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, strengthen trade and economic cooperation between Chinese provinces and the US states, and expand China’s import from the US, China’s Ministry of Commerce decided to set up a USA Pavilion in the International Pavilion of the 110th Session of the China Import and Export Fair (a.k.a. the Canton Fair) Phase One, from October 15th – 19th, 2011. The Pavilion will offer a platform for US businesses to exhibit their products. Official delegations from the US states and cities will also be invited.

I. The Canton Fair and the USA Pavilion

The Canton Fair is hosted by China’s Ministry of Commerce and sponsored by the China Foreign Trade Centre. Inaugurated in spring 1957, it has been held successfully for 109 sessions, and is renowned as “China’s No.1 Fair”. The Fair boasts the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete exhibit variety, the biggest attendance, and the greatest turnover of its kind in China. In the last session, the Canton Fair provided 58,000 standard booths, with a gross exhibition space of 1,160,000 sqm, for 24,415 exhibitors from China and abroad and attracted over 200,000 professional buyers from 210 countries and regions.

An International Pavilion was set up especially for overseas exhibitors at the 101st Session. It has now become the best platform for overseas companies to penetrate the Chinese and the global markets. Delegations from many countries and regions have participated in the exhibition and have all spoken highly of the effects. In the 109th Session of the Canton Fair held in April this year, 534 reputable companies from 53 foreign countries and regions, including the US, Spain, Germany, Italy, the UK, Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan and Sri Lanka exhibited in the International Pavilion, attracting over 90,000 Chinese and foreign buyers.

In the 110th Session, the Canton Fair is going to set up a USA Pavilion in the International Pavilion for the first time. The USA Pavilion will offer 140 standard booths with a total exhibition space of 3000 sqm. Among these 140 booths, 10 will be provided for free to governments of states and cities as a public exhibition platform. The Pavilion will have 6 sections, namely electronic communication products, automobile and auto parts, machinery and equipment, clean energy, green life, and high and new technology.

II. Related Activities

Visitors could attend celebration activities of the Canton Fair as well as exchange activities between Chinese provinces and US states.

1. The 110th Canton Fair celebration activities

In the evening of October 14th, the Opening Ceremony of the 110th Session of the Canton Fair will be held in the China Import and Export Fair Complex. In the evening of October 15th, the Welcome Banquet will be held. In the morning of October 16th, Forum on the Ten Year Anniversary of China’s Accession to the WTO will be held.

2. Exchange activities between Chinese provinces and US states

In the morning of October 15th, Chinese Provinces and American States Economic Exchange Forum and Contract Signing between Chinese and American Companies will be held. Representatives of China’s Ministry of Commerce, Chinese provincial and municipal governments, foreign governments and companies will be invited. During the Canton Fair, the Ministry of Commerce will arrange meetings and trade matching activities between delegations from Chinese and American provinces, states and cities.

Ⅳ. Why Canton Fair

1. Best Time to Enter the Chinese Market

(1) China has a huge domestic market

China has a population of 1.3 billion, making it the world’s interested consumer market. In 2010, the total retail sales of consumer goods exceeded 1.5 trillion dollars, with a growth rate of 18%. Of some specific automobile, cell phone, PC, internet service, foodstuffs, cosmetics and luxury goods, China has become the world’s largest consumer.

Rank for global consumption of some products in China

Luxury goods: World No.1 Foodstuff: World No.2

Mobile phone: World No.1 Sports: World No.2

Sanitary ware: World No.1 Cosmetics: World No.3

(2) China’s import grows rapidly

In 2010, the import of China reached 139.483 billion dollars, a growth rate of 38.7% which has set a historic record. Meanwhile, in anticipation of appreciation of RMB and encouraged by Chinese government’s advocacy of balanced trade, international enterprises will have easier access to Chinese market and be more competitive in exploring the Chinese market. Thus more and more international enterprises come to China to “pan for gold”.

Overseas products are becoming increasingly popular with Chinese consumers. In 2010, China’s import volume of consumer goods from Italy rose by 40% that of cosmetics from France rose by 40%. ASEAN has become China’s largest supplier of food, whose export of food to China rose by 40% in 2010. The American automobile has achieved rapid development in the China. In 2010, the import of American automobiles reached 3.2 billion dollars, with a growth rate of 43%.

2. The Best Exhibition Site

The Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou, one of China’s most prosperous cities neighboring Hong Kong. Located on Pazhou Island, the Canton Fair complex has a building area of 1,100,000sqm, with the internal and external exhibition site of 338,000 and 43,600 sqm respectively. It is Asia’s largest modernized exhibition center.

3. The Largest Trade Event

The Canton Fair is China's largest trade fair of the most complete varieties, the largest attendance and business turnover. Preserving its traditions, the Fair is a comprehensive and multi-functional event of international importance. Thanks to the successful running of the former 109 sessions, the Canton Fair is attracting more than 200,000 real buyers from more than 210 countries and regions worldwide to come to the event biannually for exchanges and purchases. More than 150 out of the world’s 250 top retailers have sent their merchandisers to the Canton Fair. In addition, every session of Canton Fair attracts nearly 24,000 excellent domestic exhibitors with 150,000 exhibits occupying 50 exhibition halls. Each exhibition hall alone can hold a sizeable professional exhibition. For example, the category of electronics and home appliances occupies 5196 booths, building material 3587 booths and foodstuffs 954 booths. It makes convenience for professional buyers to source products under one roof.

4. An Event Supported by Most Governments and Organizations

The International Pavilion of the Canton Fair successfully receives active participation of governments and organizations, including Embassy of Sri Lanka in China, Embassy of Republic of Zambia in China, Embassy of Pakistan in China, Netherland Consulate General in Guangzhou, Thailand Consulate General in Guangzhou, Malaysia Consulate General in Guangzhou, Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Federation of Indian Export Organizations, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Association of Economy and Trade across Taiwan Straits, Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, who have organized famous enterprises in their own countries to participate in the event and exhibit their featured products.

5. An Event of High Investment Value

The ratio of exhibitors to professional buyers in the International Pavilion of the 109th session is 1 to 172 and the rate of successful deals is as high as 80%. On-the-spot sales are always hot at the pavilion and many exhibitors are highly “rewarded”. The Korean delegation signed contracts totaling 200 million dollars on the spot. There are exhibitors of well-known brands in the International Pavilion, such as CUCKOO Electronics that ranks first in sales of home appliances in Korea and enjoys 70% of Korean market share, FRESH ELECTRONICS, one of Egypt’s Leading brands in home appliance, PT.PLOYTRON Indonesian largest home appliance manufacturer, RITEK, Taiwan DVD manufacturer that ranks first in Asia in terms of market share and Earlex a British manufacturer who is the first in the world to produce wallpaper stripper, all of whom have participated in the exhibition in consecutive sessions.

6. Most Extensive Publicity

Efforts have been intensified in the 109th session of Canton Fair in inviting buyers, with 950,000 invitations to buyers, of whom 150,000 are new buyers, a 50% growth compared to that of last session. The 109th session of the Canton Fair has advertised in 157 media of 28 countries and regions, and publicizes promotion paper to more than 23000 news agency and journalists throughout the world. 56 activities to introduce the Canton Fair and 14 promotion activities were held in 17 countries and regions around the globe, with 2,100 buyers attending the activities.

Meanwhile, in order to maintain the level of Chinese buyers for the International Pavilion, China Foreign Trade Centre and their general agents specially organized domestic task force to introduce the International Pavilion to Chinese importers, relative associations, supermarket chains, and authoritative domestic media in Wuhan, Chongqing, Fujian and other provinces and areas.

The 109th session of the Canton Fair successfully invited famous supermarket chains and stores such as Carrefour, Wal-mart, Newhuadu, Lotus, Wuhan Zhongbai Group and large import enterprises such as Panasonic Corporation of China, Sony China Limited, Galanz Group, Guangdong CHIGO Air Conditioning Co. Ltd., Xiamen C&D Co. Ltd, Chongqing Minmetal and Machinery Import and Export Co., Ltd, Shanghai Yibai International Trading Co. Ltd, Guangdong Light Industrial Products Imp.& Exp. Holdings Corp. and Guangdong Pharmaceuticals Imp. & Exp. Corp., Ltd. to visit the International Pavilion.

7. Perfect Exhibition Service

Since September 29, 2010, the hotline of Canton Fair Customer Call Center, 4000-888-999(domestic) and (008620)28-888-999(overseas) were activated so as to provide comprehensive, professional, convenient and efficient service. 30 representatives are ready to assist exhibitors and buyers, providing all day voice and interactive voice response services in five different languages, including Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian. It achieved its first-stage success in participation counseling, buyer invitation and all kids of complaint and malfunction requests.

The specially established International Pavilion Service Center provides services of booth decoration, exhibits transportation and storage, etc. It can also design activities like publicity campaign, buyer invitation, cocktail parties and trade matching according to the delegation’s specific requirement.

ⅴ.Contact Details

US government delegations may contact the Department of American and Oceanian Affairs of China’s Ministry of Commerce. US companies may contact the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products. For details about the exhibition, please contact the Foreign Liaison Office of the Organizing Committee of the Canton Fair.

1. Department of American and Oceanian Affairs of China’s Ministry of Commerce

Li Zhuangsong, 86-10-65198926, lizhuangsong@mofcom.gov.cn

Lin Feng, 86-10-65197939, linfeng@mofcom.gov.cn

2. China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products

Wen Mingfang, 86-10-58280959, 86-13810152364, wenmingfang@cccme.org.cn

Zhang Jing, 86-10-58280951, 86-13910675020, zhangjing@cccme.org.cn

3. Foreign Liaison Office of the Organizing Committee of the Canton Fair

Song Wencan, 86-20-89138562, Samantha@icecf.com

Deng Jingjing, 86-20-89138621, djj@cantonfair.org.cn

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